Mobility Joint Support For Dogs Ham Lake MN

Mobility Joint SupportThere are a lot of all natural products out there. We at All About Dogs and Cats, in Ham Lake, lean toward these products. We have a joint supplement called “Mobility”, it’s 100% natural made with velvet elk horn. It’s base on Eastern medicine. The velvet elk horn helps lubricate the hips and joints, helps the bones stay strong and helps decrease joint pains.

Angel is a French Bulldog that I rescued. It’s been a year now (hard to believe), when I 1st adopted her, she had a bad right front leg. She could barely walk on it. Angel was 3 years old when she came to live with me. When she was a year old something happened and her leg got broken. The owner didn’t believe in taking dogs to the Vet. He tried to self medicate and it didn’t work very well. Angel really needed surgery to fix her leg, needless to say that she didn’t get it.

By the time I rescued Angel, she’d had a litter of puppies each year of her life. The last time she had puppies she nearly died. She was in poor shape. She was pretty run down and couldn’t walk properly with that right front leg it was swollen and turned outwards. You could tell it was very painful for her. The 1st thing I did was take to the vet. They did x-rays and the vet told me there wasn’t any thing she could do. It had been way to long and Angel would have major arthritis in that leg.

Mobility Joint Support for Dogs

Fortunately I already knew about the Mobility. It had already helped many of my customers. I started Angel on it right away. It didn’t take long before I noticed the swelling had gone down. Before long she was even walking much better.

Mobility comes in a powder, its so easy to use you just sprinkle over your dogs food once a day.
Angel is one of All About Dogs and Cats mascots. She comes to work with me every day. Stop by and check out our vast selection of dog and cat products today or call us at (763) 434-2555!

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