Coconut Oil For Pet Health Ham Lake MN

Coco-Licious Organic Dog I’m always on the look out for things that will help my dogs live longer and healthier lives and I try to get them in my Pet Supply store – All About Dogs and Cats in Ham Lake, Mn – so all my customers’ pets can benefit too.. I’ve come across coconut oil, it has properties in the oil that help with the skin and coat as well as the digestion. Coconut oil is also very good for people too.
I’ve found a brand of canned food that has coconut oil in it, it’s called Party Animal and they have a line of canned food called Coco-Licious. They really care about the health and well-being of your pet. They use all organic ingredients. The coconut oil, meats, fruits and vegetables are all organic. It’s also all grain free!

Variety Of Organic Dog Food

You wouldn’t think dogs would like coconut oil, but I gave Coco-Licious to my dogs and they LOVED it! They wouldn’t stop licking their bowls! I had to to pick them up. My dogs (Angel & Luna) are great taste TESTERS! If they like it I figure other dogs will too. I decided to get the whole line in, they have 6 different Coco-Licious flavors: Chicken & Beef recipe, Beef & Turkey recipe, Turkey & Chicken recipe, Pork & Lamb recipe, Wild Caught Salmon recipe, and Wild Caught Salmon & Pork recipe.

So far Angel and Luna love all of them. Several of my customers have told me the same thing, their dogs LOVE Coco-Licious too!
We also carry Sweet Potatoes. We have them in packages, All Natural form or we have them in a can that’s 100% organic. From Nummy Tum-Tum.. funny name right! But it is nutritious food dogs love.

Stop on by and purchase this great soft food product for your fur baby or call us with any questions at 763-434-2555!

In my Pet Supply shop I have “Beef Eaters” sweet potatoes, and “Dogswell” Veggielife. They are low fat, no gluten and no added salt. It’s also funny whats good for our pets is also good for us!

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