Grooming Services We Offer

dog and cat ham lake mnSometimes you want a little more for your pet or maybe your four-legged family member only needs a quick nail trim, brushing trimming around the eyes. At All About Dogs And Cats you can choose. Drop by our convenient Ham Lake, MN location for an affordable nail trimming that can take less than 15 minutes. We are here to help you with your pet grooming needs.

Ear Cleaning

Ear Cleaning can prevent ear infections, odors and keep your pet happier. Hygiene is an important part of comfort and we
have the know how and the products to safely and completely clean your dog or cats ears. And we are always gentle in our process.

Nail Trimming

dog nail clipping ham lake mn
Call or drop by, we can usually finish a nail trim in less than 15 minutes. No more painful scratching or damaged furniture. We are happy to help. We can also dremel nail for a additional cost.

Ear Plucking

Some breads need their ears plucked. Ear hair that grows inside can cause discomfort for some dogs and lead to an ear infection too. When plucking ears it is important that the process be clean, otherwise an ear infection can be a risk as well. Our location is always clean, sterile and we know the safest approach.
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Eye care is important for both dogs and cats. Some breeds are more prone to problems in the eyes and cleaning them regularly can prevent issues from occurring. Our professional pet groomers have everything readily available, we offer eye cleaning – from simply getting the dirt out, to removing stains around the eyes we are gentle and experienced.


face trimming ham lake mnNo one likes bangs in their eyes and our little furry friends don’t have the means to move them when they get to be uncomfortable. Our groomers are happy to trim your pups bangs, in between grooming sessions, stop in our Ham Lake, MN grooming and pet retail store.


Did your pet happen to get into something horrendously stinky, sticky or messy?! Our groomers can help. We offer bathing, even if your friend doesn’t need another service. We are very affordably priced too.

Teeth Brushing and Dental Rinse

Many times dental hygiene is overlooked. But taking care of your pet’s teeth very is important. We offer cleaning, brushing, scaling and rinses to help with breathe, tartar and plaque buildup. We have products to help remove your pets plaque and bad breath at home also.

Coat Brush

Combing Brushing your pets coat is a great way to prevent tangles, remove dirt, and spreads the natural oils throughout their coat which keeps their skin clean. Keeping your pets coat brushed will allow you or your professional groomer to notice if there are any fleas, ticks or other parasites present. Frequent brushing is recommended. We can help you choose the proper brushes and combs to fit your pats needs.

Anal Gland Expression

A very important part of proper hygiene in dogs and cats is having their anal glands released if needed. It’s not the most enjoyable experience but it is necessary to release toxins from their body. We can provide this service efficiently and as gently as possible.

Style Cut and Shape

We will cut and style your pet to your preferred style.

Stylish Bow(s) or Bandana

Big DogNo trip to the professional groomers would be complete without a (or multiple) beautiful bow(s) or a playful bandana. We have a vast selections of bows and bandanas to choose from in our front shop, from zebra and cheetah to camo or you can stick to the more traditional silky, stripped, flannel, checkered or bright. This is of course optional and by no means necessary but quite delightful and free of charge. All of these services can be additional or stand alone. Our Ham Lake, MN grooming shop is always gentle with your pets and continually excited to see new faces, as well as our regulars. Contact All About Dogs And Cats today at 763-434-2555 for answers to your questions of to schedule an appointment.

Flea and Tick Treatment

Not only do we sell the many of biggest and best brands of flea and tick repellent for your pets in our front store but we also have that services available when grooming. We have both personal and professional experience in treating pet’s coats and preventing these parasites for both large and small dogs. Let us know and we can apply your treatment of choice to them, at a great price.