All Natural Pet Relief Products Ham Lake MN

Greenies Dog Care ProductWe, at All About Dogs and Cats in Ham Lake, Mn (next to Winnicks) try to have products that will help the problems that your pet may have. There are many pets that have joint problems. I believe in all natural solutions if I can. In my pet supply store, I have Greenies Hip & Joint Care. They have natural Sources of glucosamine and condroitin in the Greenies. An added bonus is that they also help with the teeth and bad breath that they might have. Dogs love to eat them, I know my dogs do!

Also in my pet shop I have a product called Mobility. It’s an amazing All Natural product. It’s made right here in Mn! It’s made from velvet elk horns. They have their own Elk farm up north.

Products that Personally Helped my Dogs

I have personally used Mobility on my dogs. I love my dogs, their names are Angel and Luna. They are French Bulldogs. I want the best and Mobility has helped Angel tremendously. They are mother and daughter and rescued from a puppy mill situation. Angel had her leg broken before she was a year old. The owner at that time believed in “self-medicating”. Angel should have had surgery to fix her leg but the owner didn’t do it, so now Angel will have a permanent problem with her leg. I got Angel when she was 3 years old, I took her to the Vet and she said that it has been to long now. The leg was filled with arthritis and she couldn’t walk on it very well. I put her on Mobility right away. Angel is now 4 years old. She now races all over and uses that leg a lot. Mobility has helped Angel and a lot of my customer’s pets too!

If you have any questions call Jeanette at All About Dogs and Cats. 763-434-2555!

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